Wendys vs. Mcdonalds

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I. Main Idea: Wendy 's started from scratch in the large town in Ohio and now has over 6000 different locations.

A. Wendy 's first restaurant opened on November 15 1969 in Columbus Ohio.

1. 1 year later the second Wendy 's Old Fashioned Hamburgers was opened on the other side of town.

2. The second Wendy 's also displayed their first ever drive up window.

B. In 1976 Wendy 's had its first public stock with 1 million common shares

for 28 dollars a share.

1. Wendy 's spread to Canada in late 1976 to add the 500th Restaurant.

2. Today Wendy 's has more than 6,000 restaurants in many different country 's.

C. Longtime owner Dave Thomas died in 2002. His 13 year ad campaign that

he anchored was ended in 2002. Wendy 's was without Dave
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C. Hardees has broken away from the original fast food menu.

1. Hardees now has the six dollar burger for only 4. that just doesn 't sound right already

2. At the turn of the century, Hardees changed its whole look by introducing the Star Hardees concept.

3. In my audience analysis 14 people said that Ronald would take Wendy in a fight. In my opinion nobody can lay a hand on the

Arby 's Oven Mitt.

III. Main Idea: Wendy 's bar none is the best all around places to stop and eat.

A. There are four main reasons Wendy 's is one of the best.

1. The 99 cent menu is the largest of any fast food chains. You can get more food for less money.

2. Second, the service at Wendy 's is always good, and the food taste the same no matter where you go.

3. Finally, Wendy 's jumped a step ahead of the competition by introducing its 99 cent nuggets. These are ,in my opinion, the best chicken nuggets ever made. And now you can get the delicious chicken strips which are even better tasting than the original Wendy 's chicken nugget.

4. Dave Thomas is the final reason. He led this company for many years. You would be correct if you said that all of Wendy 's success came from the great mind of Dave Thomas.

Conclusion: So next time you are leaving the bar or party looking for a place to

Eat all you have to do is look for Wendy 's famous red pig tails.

Today we have discussed the history of Wendy 's, and how it came

Up being the best fast food stop
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