Were The Whitewater Hearings A Persecution By Republicans Or A Justified Inquiry?

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Were the Whitewater Hearings a persecution by Republicans or a justified inquiry?

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman." was one of Bill Clinton’s famous political one-liners. In the past decade, many people have made it their mission to prosecute Democratic President William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton for committing real estate fraud known as the Whitewater scandal and his involvement in numerous illicit sex scandals like the Paula Jones lawsuit and the Monica Lewinsky lawsuit to name a few. The significance of the Whitewater trials and the impeachment of the president is that it served as an example for future presidents and assured the people that the president is subjected to the law, not above it. If he
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The Whitewater Scandal was a fraudulent land scheme involving the former Governor of Arkansas, William Jefferson Bill Clinton and his wife Hilary Rodham Clinton who partner with Susan and Jim McDougal to purchased land worth $203,000 with the intention of building vacation homes. It was called the Whitewater Development Corp. In 1982, their venture unfortunately failed and Clinton brought a small saving and loans association: Madison Guaranty. This eventually raised suspicions, which led federal regulators to question Madison Guaranty’s financial stability and lending practices. It is important to remember the alleged wrongdoing all occurred before Clinton was elected president in 1992, but the investigation continued into the presidents’ second term in office in 1996. Even though the Whitewater Development failed financially, neither President Clinton nor Hilary Clinton were able to pocket any profit. Once Bill Clinton announced that he was running for president, the national media began investigating Clinton (Gormley, Ken). The national media discovered that the Whitewater Development associated the Clintons in dealings that were questionable to the extent of corruption through illegal loans. Further investigation revealed that Clinton was also abusing his powers in the office by pressuring women to interact in sexual activities with him. From the Republicans perspective, the impeachment of Clinton exacerbated the
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