Were Women a Help or Bother During the Vietnam War?

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Are women capable of handling battles and all its components? Of course because all throughout history women have made significant contributions to America, especially the Vietnam War. The United States has been slower to include women in its military planning and actions. Men believed in saving the United States from communism, and many women believed they could make a difference in the battle. Women, military as well as civilian, volunteered to go to Vietnam for a variety of reasons, as they wanted to show love and companion to men, they wanted to show their independency as feminists disputing the fact that many Americans believed women were not capable of handling such a traumatic war.
To begin with, women were able to show men love
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There was also opposing viewpoints that women were at high risk of sexual harassment (Carlson 4). Although that should not get in the way when women can report the individual who did her wrong and also there was a risks of violations back at home. While their daily experiences were different, all women who served were met with the clear realities of danger and death on a daily basis (Women in Vietnam). Once the initial experience of arrival was over, women began to camouflage to their situations and to settle their job that the war offered (“Iris”). They, like the men in uniform who were doing the fighting, came under much of the same enemy fire and risked their lives. They were a rare breed of women who were knew what not so much was coming to them but was able to handle such a traumatic devastation. But along with men, they were able to handle seeing such horrible situations, opposing that women and men should have been allowed to fight the battles regardless of the sex.
At the end, women would return home individually, with no grand welcome awaiting them. Many of these women had experienced the terrors and trauma of the war, and had to find a way to adjust with these awful horrible memories while finding their place back in a normal life. Many felt the best way to deal with this was to fade away into isolation, found it difficult to speak to family and friends, felt anger and had

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