Were the Crusades Successful?

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14 November 2013
Were the Crusades Successful? Throughout the entirety of the Crusades, there were a multitude of goals that each combatant from the Christian, Muslim, and Judaism were trying to achieve. There is a lurking question, and that is: were the Crusades a success for anyone? Some historians will lecture that the Crusades were an overall success, some believe that they were only partially successful in conveying they’re overall message. Then there’s the historians that will lecture that the Crusades were a complete failure. The Crusades, specifically the first Crusades, had two major objectives. The main overall objective was to turn the control of religious sites back into Christian power. An underlying objective
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This historian can see that from Islam’s point of view, perhaps the Crusades were a miserable failure because their ancestors were not able to come out on top in the Conflicts that would have ensured the overall victory of the Holy Wars. It is a good possibility that the Islamic and Arab nations consider the Crusades a great failure since they were not able to expand throughout Europe. For example, had the Islamic and Arab nations succeeded in defeating the Christian nations in their religious efforts, the European culture would have had a very dramatic change. Artwork would be different, religious dominance and power distribution would be swayed in favor of Islam, and even the common language would have become Arabic. Whereas in contrast, as it stands now that the Christians succeeded, that the culture, language, art, and every aspect that goes along with the Christian religion and development of its presence. However, from any perspective, it can easily be determined that these two powerhouse religious groups would not give up easily. The Crusades lasted about 200 years, making it the one of the longest conflicts, more specifically a religious conflict, in history. It was especially difficult for the Christians because of the fact that they had to defend against the barbarian invasions in their attempt to overthrow Constantinople. With the impending challenges facing the Christians and the Muslims as a whole, made this
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