Were the Policies of the Us Justified During the Cold War?

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Were the policies of the United States justified during the Cold War?

Would you like it if you were forced to think and act in a certain way? In the past, there were countries, such as Germany, that tried to use force to make other people think the same way as they do, by killing people that were different, or thought differently. The United States and other countries didn't feel that they could just stand around and let things like this happen. The United States worked with others in the United Nations to put policies in place to protect and keep peace between nations. The Cold War is a good example of the United States working with others in order to protect against the spread of communism. It was called The Cold War because
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Because of the threat, Congress agreed to provide U.S. aid and military equipment to Greece which helped the Greek government defeat the communist rebels. The Soviet Union thought that by interfering, the United States was working to destroy communism and threatening Soviet security. In summary, policies that the United States worked with the United Nations to put into place were justified because their intent was to not have history repeated. Even though the Soviet's felt that these were unnecessary and hostile reactions, the controls were necessary to help protect other countries from being threatened and taken over by communism against their will. This helped ensure peace across all nations, based on equal rights and freedom to choose their own government. Most of the changes made during this time period are still in place and continue to ensure the security of American's in addition to people of other nations.

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