Werewolf Maybe: A Narrative Fiction Essay

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‘I’ve been feeling weird all day.’ Shawn thought while lying down on the hospital bed fully awake. Upon hearing a sound, Shawn’s head shot up. ‘Sounds like someone’s coming, wait, it sounds like more than one person. I’m counting two. Huh, that’s weird, it’s 3:30 in the morning and the nurse already went through here on her rounds half an hour ago, strange.’ Shawn mused surprised. The footsteps were coming closer to his room so Shawn closed his eyes feigning sleep. “He’s not asleep,” Said a gravely male voice which caused Shawn’s heart to skip a beat. “Look at his heart monitor, Lilith; it proves he is awake.” The man said. Shawn heard light feminine footsteps get closer to his bed and a hand grabbed his chin by one hand and a slightly…show more content…
Shawn’s vision began to swim and grow white. Then, as the world got blindingly white, he was drowned in the comforting darkness of unconsciousness. Though he was now unconscious that did not stop the two men from beating him further. Shawn Spencer’s head hung forward with his normally immaculate brown hair limp and greasy plastered to his head. The area he was within was a dank dark place with a musky smell permeating the space around the small cell-like area. The thick stone walls are covered in many places with a dull grey sludge which adds to the dark, evil feeling the room gives. The fake psychic felt slightly cold and wet. He was gasping in pain from the harshness of the stone floor against his body aggravating the pain from being beaten and harshly thrown into the cell. An intercom system let a male and female become known to the barely conscious consultant. The female voice sounded cheerful, eager and slightly crazed. The male voice sounded angry, authoritative, and confident. ‘So she must be Lilith and he must be the Boss,’ Shawn thought shivering from the cold. “Look at him! Look at him!” Lil cried eagerly. “Her serum is working see how he is squirming in pain as he is changing?” She squealed before giggling crazily. “That psychic’s pain is our gain, though he does not seem to be changing though,” Said the man darkly. “We should put him through tests; see if her serum is working the way we hope it to. If not, well, we should dump
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