Werewolves : Man-Werewolves : Causes And Characters

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Werewolves are supernatural beings with the ability to shape-shift, from human to wolf. Also known as man-wolves, werewolves today are identified as mythical creatures found in fiction. In terms of pop culture, these man monsters can be located in films, television shows, and numerous books. Some of the most notorious werewolves are featured in movies like “Wolf-Man”, the books and movies of the “Twilight Saga”, and “Underworld” series. However Long take him to believe in werewolves was not all that uncommon. In fact, there are various medical disorders-both physical-and mental-that may have influence the early concept of the creature’s existence. Genetic mutations may serve as a possible explanation of the werewolf phenomenon. One example of these disorders is hypertrichosis, often “werewolf syndrome”. Hypertrichosis is a rare medical condition defined by excessive amounts of hair-growth on the entire body. Severe cases of this disease can depict the appearance of the werewolf. Julia Pastrana, for instance, was Mexican woman, in the 19th century, born with congenital hypertrichosis. Undiagnosed until after death, Julia made the most out of her looks. She advertised herself as a hybrid, taking on the name “Bear-Woman”, and performed on tour displaying her knowledge and talent. Although her promotional tours made her a wealthy success, not everyone’s impression was cordial. Some saw her as a freak show, a monster to the world, and cursed by the moon and
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