Werner Herzog: Signs of Life and Fitzcarraldo

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He has produced many pictures over the past few decades ranging from a documentary on Antarctica’s beauty, to a short series on death row inmates. Herzog gained recognition as a German director in the late 70’s to early 80’s for films like Signs of Life and Fitzcarraldo, receiving much critical acclaim. Since then he has released many box office hits like Grizzly Man and Recscue dawn,based on the true story of Dieter Dengler. Grizzly Man, released in 2006, is about the tragic death of an eccentric wild life activist named Timothy Treadwell. This analysis will examine the validity to the indexical and interpretive material in Grizzly Man. Herzog uses original Timothy Treadwell footage as well as personal interviews to represent the reality he perceives, using the reflexive and performative modes in the documentary. Although it is impossible to show the entire picture of Timothys story, there is enough information provided to support Herzogs position revealed at the end. Without Treadwell alive to speak for himself, the film remains balanced through the many interviews of people in his life.

The film starts out with Treadwells original footage of him talking to the camera. In the background are two huge bears, at a fairly distant but still frightening distance. He is alone in the Alaskan wilderness speaking to the camera about his love for bears, saying that he is there just to observe…
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