Wernher Von Braun's Accomplishments

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Wernher Von Braun was key to the development of our space program because of his knowledge of, launching of, and making of rockets. First, Von Braun was the most important source of information on rocketry in the U.S. after World War Two. Why? Well, he had experience in launching rockets. Years after world war 2, von Braun helped the Army develop ballistic missiles. In 1960, he helped build Saturn rockets and he became the chief designer of the Saturn V launch vehicle, the superbooster that would propel astronauts to the Moon. Von Braun engineered the surrender of five hundred of his top rocket scientists to the Americans. His rocket team and himself went to Fort Bliss, Texas. There they worked on rockets for the Army. As a student at the Berlin Institute of Technology, he…show more content…
When he was twelve years of age, he made a bunch of rockets because he was inspired by Max Valier and Fritz von Opel. He and a fellow student built an automobile in his father’s garage when he was going to the French Gymnasium school in Berlin. His dad transferred him to a boarding school that focused on developing technical skills and building things. He transferred him because von Braun was too smart and already had good skills, so his dad thought that he should be taught more. When von Braun was fourteen years old, he really became interested in space and astronomy. He got all his information from a book called “The Rocket to the Interplanetary Spaces,” by Hermann Oberth. In that book had lots of formulas and mathematical symbols that didn’t make any sense whatsoever to von Braun. After his math teacher had explained them to von Braun, he became buried in them all the time. Soon after, he graduated in success a year ahead of his class. Willy Ley introduced von Braun to Professor Oberth. He became one of Oberth’s assistants while Oberth was working on rockets. Von Braun made another rocket and it reached an altitude of about 1,000
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