Wes Moore : A Life Sentence For Murder

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The Other Wes Moore, follows the fates of two young boys that both happen to be named Wes Moore. Although, their lives start off similar to one another, they slowly begin to diverge in separate direction that ultimately has one of the Wes Moore’s serving a life sentence for murder (Moore, 2011). Wes Moore, the author of the autobiography, begins his story about his parents, and eventually the loss of his father. Which leads to his mother moving him the family to New York to help raise the children while she tries to pull her own life together. After this event, you can see the slow change in Wes Moore as he begins to skip school and commit petty crime, like tagging the neighborhood where he lived. His mother eventually fed up with this ships him to Military school in hopes it will shape him up. After a rough begging, a distinct change is seen in the author. On the other hand, Wes Moore, the other individual that the story also follows, and states the hardship that began from living in a fatherless household. The other Wes Moore began his life in Baltimore, Maryland. Wes would begin his stint of crime when he began to work as a look out for a group of drug dealers, and would lead him to being a lieutenant to his own drug operations. Then Wes Moore’s freedom would come to an end with the court ruling of first degree murder of a police officer. Therefore, it is important to note that Wes Moore had spent his time collecting information and analyzing both Wes Moore’s and his
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