West Africa 's Struggle With Health Care

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West Africa’s Struggle with Health Care Africa is the cradle of the humanity, and the second most populated continent. West Africa has suffered from lack of infrastructure and healthcare. This handicap is characterised by the weather knowing that the west in close to the equator. The tropical climate bring a lot of mosquitos, wich brings malaria to the children and the women. One of the major need are the number of doctors is low. Most African countries import their medicine from the exterior: Ex Europe, India, Middle east theses countries just provide the medicine to the sub sahara region. The lack of technology for example,the Infrared thermography (IRT) used to determined if someone has cancer is not available in Africa due to the insufficiency of money.This cause a big gap between fortunate who can travel and get treat overseas and the who can not afford the tremendous cost. The importance of coming in help to West African healthcare is to develop strong relationship, because in some way if their healthcare is weak it can affect other continent. Some individual are willing to help the Africans countries. People are creating labs for African welfare. Big organization are currently providing heath supply to help treating diseases. African is well known for all the serious diseases it contain. with today 's world, and all the diseases Africa has suffered from a century of negligence toward healthcare. Even though West Africa is slowly getting on its feet after being
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