West Brook High School Case Study

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I have selected West Brook High because it is the largest public high school in my area, averaging 500 students a class. The school has one of the best academic, athletic and extra-curricular activities program that’s allows students to explore many career fields. 78.6% of the student body continues on to either a two year or four year college after graduation. I will target that percentage of the schools population with the various National Guard educational incentives we offer, such as tuition assistance. 12.7% go immediately into the workforce, from which the training from the National Guard would serve as a benefit to them, allowing these young adults to gain skills otherwise paid for by their pockets. The remaining 8.7% fail to complete their education. Sterling High School, as per their policy, will allow two LRDs (lunch room displays) and one school presentation a month. With roughly 1000 high school seniors and juniors, I intend to deploy other SEVs (school entry vehicles) to reach my targeted audience. In order to achieve establishment and success in my schools, it is imperative that I am present in my schools before the beginning of the school year. The National Guard brand and “face” needs to be established, especially…show more content…
Given the fact the area has been vacant of a National Guard recruiter for the past two years, there will be some time spent building relationships and re-establishing the previous ones. There is a new for a reorientation with not only the faculty, but the community itself. I will be maximizing all allocated time in the area. I realize that as a new recruiter, compliancy is not an option. One of the many resources I will use, outside of my table displays and presentations, is an appearance at sporting events. There is a yearly rivalry match between Sterling and Lee High school. I intend to make this National Guard
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