West Chester University Personal Statement

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The contributions that I will bring to West Chester University all have to do with the ideals by which I live. First of all, I have been told that I have a friendly and inclusive nature. I am a very driven and motivated individual who derives much satisfaction out of leading and helping others. I feel these qualities contribute when I participate in the various activities and community services which are a part of my life. As part of the executive board of the Health Activism and Awareness Club we have been able to successfully raise attention to various life-threatening diseases. My nature and drive allowed me to recruit over one hundred volunteers for the club’s annual 5K to raise awareness towards different charitable organizations such…show more content…
I work part time at a nationally recognized health club where I have the opportunity to not only interact with members everyday but also participate in my own well being by working out on a regular basis. These activities have given me confidence that I am able to lead a workforce and complete a job efficiently and effectively. The passion that I have for marketing and management in the sports arena are enhanced by the program you offer. I fell in love with business while having the opportunity to take an honors finance class my junior year in high school. I received the Achievement Award in Honors Finance which influenced my decision to pursue an undergraduate degree in marketing. Because of my success in high school, I feel prepared for college level business classes. This combination of learning about the highs and lows of business and learning about the sports and fitness industry is what this major is all about; it is what I am all about and has me as a driven, passionate student so excited to be pursing my next journey in life at West Chester
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