West Coast Trail Narrative Essay

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10 members of 3 CDSG Signal Squadron have recently returned from completing the West Coast Trail, on Vancouver Island, BC as part of the Squadron Adventure Training which ran from 29 April to 09 May 2017. Arriving in Victoria from Dets scattered from Shilo, MB to Chilliwack, BC, the team had one day to gather last minute supplies, and distribute shared items to spread the weight. After deploying to the northern trail head at Gordon River, we spent the night at a local campsite so that step-off could be as early as possible. This started wonderfully until we got a small scare when someone thought that there was a bear in camp in the middle of the night, waking us all up with their scream. The first day started out with a sunny morning…show more content…
Due to the rain slowing our progress to barely 1km in an hour at times, the command team determined that we would use our scheduled rest day at the end of the hike to give us an extra day on the trail instead. This allowed us to complete the most difficult section of the trail in a safe manner. It’s a good thing we were a group of prepared Signalers, out came the satellite phone and calls were made. The final days, with stops at Camper Bay and Thrasher Cove, provided the highest concentration of ladders on the trail, as well as the last 3 cable cars. Our stay at Camper Bay gave us our first encounter with any type of large and possibly dangerous wildlife in the form of a lone black bear. No issues were had as it grazed on plants and checked us out from across the creek. The Warrant kept an eye on his bear spray as we all took photos and selfies from a safe distance, before it was bored of us and headed back into the woods. The final day we awoke early to ensure we would make the last ferry at 1530. After a short climb out of the campsite, we took a break for breakfast and a few photos to mark the last leg. Then we were off on the final kilometers of the trip with the goal to have everyone finished and off the trail by lunchtime. After a few more ladders and passing a derelict Donkey engine, a large steam powered machine that was used for logging, we got to the top of the final and steepest ladder on the trail. This took us down to the beach where we signaled and

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