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In order to give a proper recommendation on how West Coast University Student Health Services Primary Care Clinic could improve the level of service that is provided to their patients, it is necessary to analyze the hard data to find out what is causing the long wait times. To see if there is any way that the PCC can reduce wait time, we must first investigate how the PCC is staffed and how quickly the clinicians can process a patient. We are given information that a clinician spends about 20 minutes with a patient and 5 minutes to make notes and add them to the patient’s file. So if we were to try to figure out how many patients one clinician could see in an hour, we would get these results: (1patient/25min)(60min) = 2.4 patients per…show more content…
The number of physicians working should be dependent on the number of patients that arrive during each specific hour. The chart above (“New System: Walk-in Clinic”) conveys the amount of clinicians we plan to have working during each specific hour. This will increase the total number of hours per week necessary for clinicians to work from 150 to 202 for the Walk-In clinic, while reducing the hours spent on appointments to meet demand. By having seven clinicians working during hours of high customer traffic (maximum average 13 patients per hour) and less during hours of lower traffic, we will be able to reduce the average wait time from xxx minutes to yyy minutes. This solution addresses Carwin’s first objective: decreasing the waiting time to 20 minutes or less. Our second recommendation is to implement a “team system” in which each physician will be assigned to a specific team of physicians. The patients would therefore be assigned to a specific team rather than a specific physician. The advantage of using this new system is that it will significantly increase customer satisfaction. In the current system, because patients request specific physicians, the probability of the requested physician being available at a particular time is relatively low. However, in the new system, because the patients will request specific teams rather than physicians, the probability of having a specific team available at a particular time will be higher than in the
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