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CASE APPLICATION TURBULENT FLIGHT PLAN OVERVIEW: Air Canada is Canada's largest airline and flag carrier. The airline had founded in 1937. The company is the world's 11th largest passenger airline by fleet size. The Chairman of Air Canada is David Richardson and the President and CEO is Montie Brewer. Air Canada operates flights to 99 destinations in Canada, the USA, Latin America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Combined with its Jazz network, the airline serves 163 destinations worldwide. In 1996, a new company WestJet is formed. West Jet Airlines Ltd is a Canadian low-cost airlines that flies to most major cities in Canada and serves destinations in the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. WestJet is the…show more content…
2. Low Operating Cost: As a competitive strategy West Jet flies one class of jet, the Boeing 737, which minimizes maintenance and training cost. 3. Lower Staff’s Cost: West Jet is a rarity in the airline industry due to the fact that it is non-unionized. Thus, company enjoys more control over wages and salaries and has a profit sharing plan in which all workers who have been with the company at least three months participates. Employee’s contribution is 20 % of their salary. 4. Short Haul Routes: It provides scheduled short haul passenger jet airline service in Canada and limited charter flights to the United States and Mexico. West Jet’s route and flight scheduling is aimed at capturing both leisure and business travelers during peak travel time. Q3 HOW COULD STEPHEN SMITH HAVE USED SWOT ANALYSIS IN DEVELOPING HIS STRATEGY TO GO NATIONAL? DO AN ABBREVIATED SWOT ANALYSIS USING INFORMATION FROM THE CASE. Ans SWOT: SWOT is an abbreviation stands for of Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats. o Strength: Any activities the organization does well or any unique resource that it has. o Weakness: Activities the organization does not do well or resource it needs but does not possess. o Opportunity: Positive trends in external environmental

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