West Nile Virus Research Paper

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No one would have ever thought that a little bitty bug, with a painless bite could cause so much harm. This deadly virus was going around for awhile until it suddenly disappeared for about 20 years, causing everyone to make false assumptions that it was gone forever. Mosquitoes, the pesky bugs, will sooner, rather then later, become a threat once again.
The West Nile Virus is a virus that people can get from an infected mosquito bite. This virus disappeared and no one heard much of many people getting the virus for about 20 years. In the 1990´s there was a big comeback on the rise for the West Nile Virus. That also consisted of the infected bugs slowly but surely making their way to America from Africa, the Native country to this virus (Phillip).
Once anyone gets a bite from a mosquito the side effects and symptoms won´t start showing up until 3-15 days after the initial bite, that is only if the mosquito was infected. Some cases are a lot worse than others (Centers). The mild or less severe case would be a headache and a fever. The more severe case would be headache, fever, body ache, swollen lymph glands, and in the worst possible scenario, death. No one can help weather you get a really bad case of
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Birds are the main start of the Virus. They pass it on the the mosquitoes, so the birds are not directly giving the virus to anyone but the mosquitoes (Indiana). The most common way to get The West Nile virus is by mosquitoes. They will bite the skin and the bite can either become infected or the mosquito could have the virus before it bit the person, causing them to be infected no matter what. It cannot be transmitted from person to person or animal to animal, or by handling and working with infected birds. Although it can be transmitted by blood transfusions, or by mother to baby during pregnancy, the virus may not get passed on without the bite of a mosquito
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