West Nile Virus is a Serious Mosquito-born Virus Essay

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West Nile virus is a very serious mosquito-borne virus. This virus is known to affect mostly the people in North America. It is also known to break up during the summer time and extends toward fall. The virus was introduced into the Western Hemisphere during 1999 later summer and has been causing significant and at times severe human diseases ever since that time (Colpitts et al., 2014).
The virus is commonly found in Africa, Middle East, and West Asia. It may have entered the United States in an infected mosquito, bird, or traveler. “Between 1999 and 2005, WNV caused 19,602 cases of the disease in the United States, including 785 deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” (National Institutes of Health 2007)
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These studies can also help decreases the cases of West Nile Virus in the United State.
West Nile Virus affects both our local communities and state communities. If the communities are filled with infected mosquitoes that can cause these viruses, these mosquitoes can travel to other mosquitoes, then to other states. For example if a community have stagnant water, the people in the community will be at risk of getting the virus. People who are infected can also pass in on to other people. Communities can reduce their risk of having the West Nile Virus by take some precautions like the following:
• Getting rid of old tires, bottles, tin cans or any container that can hold water.
• Keeping drains and ditches free of trash and weeds so water can drain properly.
• Keeping ruff gutter free.
• Covering trash containers.
• Keeping grass cut short.
• Unused pools should be drained and kept dry especially during mosquito season.
(Illinois Department of Public Health, 2008)
Illinois has had many cases of the West Nile Virus resulting in more than 800 cases and more than 60 deaths in the year 2002 (idph, 2008). This outbreak occurred during one summer with above normal temperatures, the summers that followed were much cooler than normal so there were fewer cases of the virus (idph, 2008). The public health agencies can educate state and local communities on things like the temperature to be most careful of the virus.
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