West Point Cheating Incident Essay

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West Cheating Incident Case
Running Head: West Point Cheating Incident Case

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West Point Cheating Case

Description The success of a major corporation depends primarily on the development and completion of its mission statement. In order to achieve success, make profits and remain competitive in today’s market. Most organizations accomplish its mission by hiring personnel with high integrity, trustworthy, and dedication. Organizations are proven to be more productive when there are employees who are totally committed to helping the company commitment for success. There are
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The responsibility administering the honor code was delegated to the cadets. This was known as the cadet honor board. The honor board conducted investigations on cadets who were reported to have violated the honor code. The honor board would decide on a person’s guilt or incense by a board vote. The results were then forwarded to the Commandant for his action. General Berry had his concerns as to how the honor board functioned. He believed that giving student’s authority to investigate and determine the guilt or innocence of fellow cadets was not in the academy’s best interest. General Berry viewed the current system was flawed and time consuming. The faculty who had a dislike for the Honor Board also influenced General Berry. He felt that in order to preserve the academy’s integrity. General Berry believed the Honor board should be eliminated from the process. The challenge for General Berry was to overcome the pressure placed upon him to make a quick decision. He had to make a decision which were acceptable to the cadets, the public and government officials. General Berry had to make sure that his decision was based upon evidence and the punishment if any was fair to the involved. The French-Raven and Kelman Overall Contingency of Power Theory closely relates to the West Point Cheating Incident. It centers around three components of Power. Compliance, which includes Rewards and Coercive. These were used mainly by the

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