West Side Story Symbolism

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To begin with, the scenography mimics the aspects of Upper West Side New York during the 1950’s to allow the audience to understand the setting of play. Most of the sets depict an urban setting in which the audience can clearly see that the story takes place in a well-developed city. As for the representation and perception of the stage, most sets were seen as abstract Some of the sets created entailed Doc’s restaurant, The Playground, and Statue of Liberty. Furthermore, the relationship between the audience space and performers space were definitely separate: meaning the audience were strictly viewing the play while the performers were telling a story. Interestingly, the play at times had an amber lighting dispersed across the set to give off a warm tone or vibe symbolizing good feelings or nice moment. Some parts of the play were set in a dimmer background enticing that the play at times was very serious. In addition, the electronic used in IVC’s West Side Story production amplified or added more symbolism to the play. The hearing of a siren suggested that the police were coming. During fight scenes, the auditory sound of a punch suggested that a someone literally got punched. When a building was lit with light and the surroundings were dark, it suggests that the current day of time was night time. During the rumble, the color red was shined specifically on Riff and Bernardo to symbolize that they were bleeding out and had died. Overall, the props in the play
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