West Virginia Public Broadcasting Case Essay

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West Virginia has the highest rate for an overdose in this particular state. The heroin is an inexpensive drug to buy. Drug dealer can make their money this way. This particular drug called Heroin gives you an internal rush it keeps you going for a couple hours. This website called West Virginia Public broadcasting Levi says these rates are high because they started at a young age. Also Levi said “is too keep the kids interested in a sport of some kind of activities is so they don’t get hooked on this particular drug”. (McCormick, 2015) Heroin has taken a heavy toll in parts of West Virginia. The website called West Virginia Public Broadcasting Prosecutor attorney William Fell said Baltimore is the first heroin addiction and then Berkeley is the second highest heroin issues (Mccormick, 2015).The website called West Virginia Public Broadcasting said Officer Master said the drug dealer is willing to drive to a larger city to get the heroin cheaper like the Pittsburgh District of Columbia or even Baltimore. (McCormick, 2015). This website called West Virginia Public Broadcasting said ‘The drug dealers will go to Berkley to get new customers or to get more people interested in this drug. Also the West Virginia Broadcasting mention Heroin Mass is up with person breathing system”. (Vorhees, 2015). West Virginia Broadcasting, Dr. Harman said When a person goes into an overdose, when they are brought to the hospital, they are given Narcan to bring them back to a normal breathing
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