West Virginia and Washington State

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The Pacific Northwest combines the best of abundant natural beauty with cosmopolitan flair. From the peaks of the Cascade Mountains to the emerald lowlands of Puget Sound to Seattle's eclectic port-city charm, the state of Washington offers a vibrant mix of urban and rural settings. LoopNet puts the vast northwest within your reach.

The easternmost portion of Washington houses Spokane, a city of a quarter of a million residents that's only a few minutes from the Idaho border. Spokane is close enough to the Cascades to make it an attractive tourist destination, especially for ski trips. Plenty of green space and a recent downtown renaissance gives Spokane a fresh small-town appeal despite its size. Hints of the city's industrial roots
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The city of Seattle got its start as a rough logging town, and although it's grown far beyond its humble origins, it retains some of the independent frontier spirit of its founders. Its location on Puget Sound made it a perfect site for shipping. When it also became the terminus for the Great Northern Railway during the 1890s, Seattle's population exploded. Its selection for the 1962 World's Fair was such a cause for celebration that one of the fair's most prominent landmarks remains nearly fifty years later: the Space Needle.

The logging, shipping and railroad industries may have built Seattle, but the city took its name from a chieftain of two regional Native American cultures, the Suquamish and Duwamish people. In one of the earliest examples of paid naming rights, the town's founders paid Chief Seattle a tidy sum to give his name to their burgeoning logging town. Chief Seattle would probably take pride in the multicultural port city that bears his name. Its forward-thinking views on conservation has given the modern city a reputation for being one of the greenest in the nation. Seattle also boasts one of the country's most educated populations, making it an excellent site for development in science and technology sectors.

Seattle's residents take pride in the city's iconoclastic personality and independent spirit. That's one reason Seattle's greater metropolitan area now spreads throughout much of King County; residents are
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