West With The Night By Markham Essay

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West with the Night by Markham is a memoir written in 1942, narrating the author 's experience while growing up with her father in the British East Africa, currently referred to as Kenya. Adventure is the key theme of the book since it describes the writer’s life, which seems to be an escapade from the beginning up to the end. Firstly, Markham starts leading an exploratory life when she is four years while staying with her father a horse breeder and farmer. As a result, she grows up engaging in exciting activities like hunting and playing barefooted with the native Nandi Murani youngsters of the Rongai Valley and Mau Escarpment forest, which makes her encounter several attacks from lions and leopards. Besides, she also gets a chance to undertake spear hunting, tracking and horse riding (Markham, 2015). She further participates in killing dangerous hogs that are found in the region using her spear, which is against the African traditions especially among girls. At some point, she spends sleepless nights sitting around a bonfire with the natives in African bush learning about various cultures and practices in the area. After her father loses his land and moves to Peru, Markham vacates to Molo where she starts a new career as a racehorse trainer. The woman spends most of her time participating in horse competition where she wins and loses some before quitting and joining aviation when it is still new in the expanse (Markham, 2015). Markham’s childhood is filled with adventurous
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