Western Asian Women : The ' Dragon Lady '

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“Small, weak, submissive and erotically alluring… eyes almond-shaped for mystery, black for suffering, wide-spaced for innocence, high cheekbones for swelling like bruises, cherry lips… When you get home from another hard day on the planet, she comes into existence, removes your clothes, bathes you and walks naked on your back to relax you… She’s fun you see, and so uncomplicated”, writes Tony Rivers for the Gentlemen Quarterly (GQ) in 199013. East Asian women are so often stereotyped this way, or namely the submissive ‘Lotus Blossom’ or the opposite, the evil ‘Dragon Lady’. The ‘Dragon Lady’ is dangerous yet seductive, while the ‘Lotus Blossom’ behaves inferior and submissively. These stereotypes are harmful, as it results to sexual…show more content…
It dehumanizes East Asian women because they are not viewed as humans but an object to fulfill a certain desire or image. Contrary to popular belief, East Asian women do not feel flattered by this objectification. There are men who put ‘Asian female’ as their preference on Internet dating sites. In 2013, a documentary made by Deborah Lum named ‘Seeking Asian Female’, about a white man who finds a bride from China via Internet (fig 3.). Some may argue that ‘Yellow Fever’ is simply having a preference and attracted to certain looks. Most people have a ‘type’ that they look for in their ideal partners, some are attracted to blondes, some are attracted to people with statuesque bodies, some are attracted to people with almond-shaped eyes – and all that is perfectly fine, however how is it different from the harmful ‘Yellow Fever’? People with ‘Yellow Fever’, know very well that they have ‘Yellow Fever’. Although they may argue that they are attracted to the looks of an East Asian female, ‘Yellow Fever’ is usually rooted from the fascination of Asian culture and the stereotypes of Asian women. Stereotypes that I have mentioned earlier in this essay are racist, misogynist and dehumanizing. Men who have ‘Yellow Fever’ want East Asian partners because they expect these women to behave in a certain way. They expect them to be weak, inferior, fragile and submissive. Their existence means nothing more except to please men sexually and be obedient. The stereotype becomes
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