Western Civilization And Its Impact On Modern Society

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Where would the world be if it wasn’t for Western Civilization? Our advances in education and technology would definitely be lacking and the different types of governments could possibly be nonexistent. Business would not be accomplished in the same manner and philosophies would not be taught in everyday life. Humans would not be critical thinkers. Because of Democracy, the invention of writing, and philosophy from Western Civilization, the world has become what it is today. Democracy was one of the first political styles to make a lasting impression for civilization. Monarchies and Tyrannies were not as successful. Monarchies started to decline when wars during the Mycenaean Period collapsed many of the kingdoms. Tyrannies did not survive either because this type of government included, “sporadic periods of violent political and social upheaval” (McKay 44). Outlasting monarchies and tyrannies, a democracy is, “a type of Greek government in which all citizens, without regard to birth or wealth, administered the working of government; it translates as the power of people” (McKay 45). Although the definition says power of people, the only people with power at the time were free men. Slaves and women were considered to have no rights. Today democracy is seen as the right for all people to have a say in what kind of actions the government takes. It technically is people with power but the power is limited like it was in ancient Greece. If different types of governments were…
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