Western Culture and Beauty Standards

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These people have been bombarded by unrealistic images of what they should look like by the media, society, friends and sometimes, even family.

This has created a narrow beauty standard which has manifested itself into many problems like—eating disorders, chronic anxiety, bullying, plastic surgery, dysmorphic syndrome, social withdrawal and suicide. Cosmetic surgeries in Asia have increased drastically in the last few years. Four out of every seven Korean parents chose a cosmetic surgery over a car as a graduation gift for their kids. Young men and women are getting double-eyelid surgeries, smile lifts, jaw realignments, nose jobs and much more in an effort to alter their natural anatomy.

The purpose of my Graphic Design final thesis is to find a way to get people to accept their natural looks and to reduce the amount of cosmetic procedures performed in Asian countries. In order to get an approval to move further into the thesis development process, I plan to introduce my topic and my ideas to the committee by creating a three-minute video proposal for my midpoint review.

From my research and readings, several questions arose about the beauty standard in Asian countries. Do parents care more about the society than their…

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