Western Development Of Western Civilization

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The West is the history of what humans did that made civilization evolve into our modern era. The West involves how social standards, morals, religions, political systems, culture, and technology developed over time. The West is where the origins of civilization started, and what humans did during their time period. The Western history biggest impact was by old ancient history, and how society got here today. The greatest philosophers, traditions, different ethnicities, and religion played an important part in the shaping of Western civilization. The origins began at the period of the Mesopotamian era, through the times of the Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans, and how each civilization affected today’s modern world. In Mesopotamian, there were a few civilizations beginning to rise up to become an establishment. The Sumerians invented writings around 3200 B.C. The first objects were symbolized as images carved into soft clay tablets. By 3000 B.C, Cuneiform was the first written language invented by the Sumerians and was written in mud tablets. Babylonians, Persians and other civilizations used the Sumerians’ cuneiform script as their own way of writing. The Wheel was created in around 3,500 BC. The original form of the wheel was a roller placed underneath something to keep hefty objects one place to another. As time passed by, these runners and rollers evolved into the wheels that we utilize today. A water system was also invented in Mesopotamia since there was not enough rain
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