Western Dominance And Its Effects On The Global Economy Essay

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Modern history is composed of many false narratives of western dominance coming about as a result of some type of superiority, whether it was the European thought process, religion, culture, or even skin color. Western dominance, however, did not come from a place of superiority, but rather a streak of luck that allowed European countries to begin to colonize the rest of the world, cutting the world up into a few powerful colonial empires. Although today these colonial empires have diminished somewhat or entirely, the neoliberal policies and institutions that were put in place in the nineteen seventies continue to perpetuate the same power and economic inequalities that had been felt by colonies, on the current global economy. Neoliberalism reinforces the unequal power relationships through mechanisms that are designed generally to benefit the developed countries of the global north, while exploiting the cheap resources contained in the global south. The colonial division of labor was the tool of choice that European power’s used to develop their infant industries to become competitive on the global market. Before the European or western rise to power, China and India were the dominant forces in global trade, exporting some of the finest products worldwide. The fall of the Chinese and Indian trade dominance coincided with the rise of European colonizing. Through the colonial division of labor, European colonizers were able to exploit their colonies for cheap resources to
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