Western Enlargement : A Case Made For Further Expansion Of The Eu?

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Hard Road to the Eastern Enlargement: A case made for further expansion of the EU? Challenging the challenges: The Eastern Enlargement was, and remains, a point of dispute when arguing the costs and benefits. It provided numerous opportunities for the EU, but with them came challenges, some of which could be argued were too much and too soon for the EU. This chapter will engage the major costs and benefits in the way they were presented by dominant theories of EU enlargement and integration. Furthermore, it will challenge the theories by putting them side by side with the observed changes that followed the Enlargement. To provide a clearer picture this will be done under two broad headings; economic and political. Money matters: As the…show more content…
The other side of the EU financial coin presents a global outlook on the percentage growth. The EU would benefit from the enlargement by promoting investment, trade, comparative advantage based production focus and competitiveness (Grabbe, 2001). So even if individual MS do not benefit directly from the enlargement the overwhelming fact remains that the EU as a whole will see an added rise in GDP around 1-2 %( Nugent 2004: 5). The candidate states have even more to gain then the EU-15 through membership; with the Commission estimated the added rise in CEECs GDP to be around 1.3% to 2.1% in the initial years alone (European Commission, 2001). And it is not just the percentage growth that supports the economic side of the Enlargement. With the development of the CEECs infrastructure and trade their ability to consume more products rises and in return creates a demand growth that benefits the countries that produce the most (Nugent: 2004). In the long run the EU-15 would see an added rise in overall GDP following the development of the CEECs which is facilitated and empowered by their membership in the EU. The data tells an ever so slightly different story, looking at the GDP of MS from 2000 till 2008(Table 1.0) there is an obvious trend within both the EU15 and EU27. While individual MS, such as Germany and France, did have their ups and
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