Western Feminism - The Cancer

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Western Feminism – The Cancer in Our Society. -- there is no Tl;Dr. Don 't bother asking for one.

Now before you all turn your eyes away and think I’m an oppressing, patriarchal, misogynistic, cock gobbling, women hating asshole, keep your eyes on the page and let me express my opinion in 4000 words. I’m not gay.

The idea of equality for everyone is a noble one. Equality for race and gender, specifically, have been fought for for over a century. This simple idea of being able to live the way you want to without any constraints put on you just like any other person is a dream that we all know oh so well.

The feminists on the other side of the world that are still fighting for their basic rights have my full and undivided support! But the idea of gender equality being driven here is fundamentally different than say race equality. The women here want complete and total equality, which is to say that everything we get, they get. But gender equality isn’t as easy to achieve as race equality. While the culture behind different races are different, many other factors stay mainly the same, which is why race equality was fought so hard for. This is much different with the two genders, however. Inherently, males and females have little to no commonality. They behave psychologically different – as portrayed by how each gender would work in groups of their own gender, how they would work with the other gender, the decisions that they make, etc – are completely built different, and so
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