Western Health System Case Study

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Western Health System Case Study Western Health System noticed that many of its local clinic managers were leaving to join the competition. Their human resources director, Stephanie Anderson realized that they were losing a lot of talented people who had become demotivated, and she worked on developing a program to increase their motivation in hope that they would remain committed to Western Health System. Her program, Exploration, had many great features, but to truly asses the program one first has to understand motivation, motivational theories, and the current issues at hand. Motivation is derived from an internal force that provides an individual the opportunity to achieve their needs or goals. People are motivated by a variety of things and often have different motivating factors. Employers should be mindful of individual motivating factors when attempting to motivate staff to increase performance. While some people may be motivated by money, many are motivated by things like: recognition, promotion, and increased responsibility. Once an employer has identified motivating factors they are able to analyze a variety of motivational theories to design and implement a program that will motivate employees to go above and beyond what is expected of them. Western Health System provided the management staff with good salaries and benefits, but this was not enough to keep them motivated. The managers were looking for recognition, growth opportunities, and additional
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