Western Imperialism And The Holocaust

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Conquest and Massacre

Humanity displayed its darkest colors with the two main and most vile genocides, the Western Imperialism and Holocaust. They became milestones in human history for their mass amounts of manslaughter, enslavement, and overall cruelty towards millions of people. The Holocaust was a direct act of racism as the Jews were considered the root of Nazi Germany’s problems.In contrast, the Western Imperialists’ acts of genocide against the Native Americans were a combination of the need for conquest and religious propaganda. They both utilized the rationalizations of colonization and a strong sense of superiority for their genocide and enslavement of other civilizations, although the Western Imperialism considered progress as instilling culture and structure unto the Native Americans, while the Holocaust defined progress as eradicating the source of evil, that being the Jews.
In both the Holocaust and Western Imperialism, Nazi Germany and the colonists showcased themes of nationalism in the way they addressed others in their reign of terror. They both considered themselves of a higher class in a way that gave them the right to act as they pleased. Right when they arrived, the colonists immediately got the impression that the natives would be tools to them as they demonstrated inferiority by their initial reactions to the colonist’s weaponry and the difference in their lifestyles. Even Columbus’s initial remarks were, “that these people are ingenious, and would

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