Western Industrialization

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As industrialization in the West increased, so did wealth. Yes the money might not have been equally distributed between the industrialists and workers. But it flowed money into people’s wallets and created a new class, the middle class that was for clerks, merchants, managers, or supervisors. And that raised the standard of living of all the workers. Whether you were poor or rich you benefited because items became cheaper because they were machine-made goods. The middle class did not work as much as the workers. So they had a lot of time to spare and a lot of money to spend. This “new something” is called leisure. And because of all the time to spare that allowed them to participate in many social activities. Go to the park, have a day in the beach, have a walk, and even have a vacation. And this spare time also allowed them to actively participate more in politics and that allowed them to be better educated.…show more content…
The west’s civilization became a big urban civilization. In the urban areas, schools even started to change to the better good. The schools that followed the traditional ideas of western civilization began to be replaced by new schools that followed radical economical and philosophical thoughts. And these new developed thoughts gave children better knowledge about how the world
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