Western Influence on Kuwait

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Kuwait and Western influence Over the past decades, Kuwait, like most Islamic countries have practiced strict measures in terms of their governance system with lots of times the religious aspect influencing greatly the kind of government in place and the type of governance that is used within Kuwait. This resulted in a closed, less democratic, religious, stereotypical and generally patriarchal society. This has however undergone a lot of change particularly with the embracing of the Western culture that is more open, diverse and liberal in nature. Positives of western culture interaction More democratic space Western culture has had far reaching effects on many aspects of lives of the Kuwaiti in the sense that people have become more open minded and the society has turned from suppressing the women, both domestically and socially, to embracing them and liberating them to make choices and participate in social events like men do. Ladies currently enjoy a lot of freedom with regard to what they put on and how they express themselves. Kuwaitis have also adopted modern pop culture something that was unheard of in the past. They have developed a sense of taste for whatever they buy, whatever they listen to, what they eat, watch, what they do on their bodies, hair and teeth. It is paradoxical that when Kuwait gained her independence from the United Kingdom in 1961, her citizens proclaimed liberation, when in actual sense there was none of it. Women in particular had to

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