Western Law : An International Student

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Western law Part A Since I was a child, I have always been concerned with the way other individuals fared. Although I was born into a privileged family, I am still able to recognize that even if my view of life appeared bright, for others it was bleak. I grew up in Nigeria, the giant of Africa; nonetheless, it is one of the poorest nations in the world today. Four years ago, I came to Canada as an international student. The life I experienced here differs greatly from that of Nigeria. The law is fair, and the legal system does its best to protect the rights of Canadian citizens. I am aware now that the law is not a pseudo-institution, but one that actively upholds justice. Since high school, it was my dream job to be a lawyer. Over the years, I experienced doubts concerning how prepared I was and if I could handle the time and effort it required. I realized that nothing is simple and straightforward, and the hard work and time invested in a project always pays off. I wanted my career to be something that would impact the lives of others in a positive manner. I asked myself, 'why law exactly? ' And my response is to fight for the rights of others. The law is such an intricate part of individual 's lives. There are individuals without certain resources that enable them to fight for own their rights. People should have faith in knowing that the legal system will be on their side when addressing any claim. I desire to be the lawyer that offers a voice to these marginalized
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