Western Media And Its Coverage Of Terrorism

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If a child grows up on the false conviction that the world is flat, like a map, s/he will believe it until proven otherwise. When s/he is presented with a three dimensional sphere, s/he will deny that the object is an accurate portrayal of the world, because all s/he knows is that the world is flat. But if another child grows up on the true conviction that the world can be viewed flat as well as three-dimensional, then being presented with the a globe, s/he will accept that both are legitimate ways to view Earth. This is the same principle that follows Western media and their coverage of terrorism. The U.S. media continues to remain loyal to a deceitful standard of terrorism, presenting the entire country with an invalid perception of terrorism in the Middle East. This coverage reaches all demographics nation wide and raises a misguided population. America is a democratic society where the power is vested in it’s people. It is imperative that we educate our nation to be globally contestant and accurately knowledgeable.
People may question the relation between terrorism and American media; the two are more closely analogous than anyone can really comprehend. Terrorism and media have a symbiotic relationship that has a grand scale influence on millions— creating a singular image of the victims and perpetrators to a national audience, which in turn forms stereotypes and stigmas. Media today, thrives on stories of conflict and perfectly, terrorism thrives on gaining
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