Western Medicine Versus Traditional Medicine

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Jyn Allec R. Samaniego HNF 61 Z Mam Ma-Ann Zarsuelo May 7, 2015

Position Paper: Western Medicine versus Traditional Medicine
The Limitations of Traditional Medicine from the Needs of the Society

In this time of modern technologies, we have found new ways of treating and curing disease. However, traditional medicine that was derived from old cultures is still available. Some people still prefer this kind of method, but some stick to conventional one which is the western medicine.

Western medicine is related to scientific method and emphasize measurable biochemical processes that drive disease, treatment and health. It relies on new modern technologies to alleviate disease and cure symptoms (“knowledgewharton”, n.d.)

On the
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It can also help in controlling infectious disease. Modern advances have developed effective drugs for managing heart disease, like diuretics, beta-blockers and hypertensive (Jamison,2006). It can easy alleviate the symptoms and discomfort of the patient so he/she can live normally. But also, it can also use procedures to understand the underlying cause of the symptoms to cure or prevent. Advanced medical devices can locate the problem through x-rays, blood tests, etc.(“benefits”,n.d.). Western medicine is also flexible, you can store it in your household while traditional medicines can't (“debate”, 2011). The medicine is also specific for a certain illness.

When it comes to the asurance, and time,it is better to use the more improved and advnced one. It is more convenient to use, easier, and more effective. Although, traditional medicine is an impressive method too, it is still has some limitations. But one thing that could be better for the society, is the incorporation of herbal plants into our modern medicines.


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