Western Musical Styles And The Musical Notation Of The Eras

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Western musical styles have developed into the music what we listen to today in the twentieth century. Throughout time composers have created new ways to enhance music by adding harmonies, phrases, dynamics, and much more. At the start of music, composers kept a simple melody using the same frame of pitches in simple tunes. As we became more educated, so did our music and we are now able to create songs with texture and countermelodies all within a plethora of genres. The use of notation has changed our music we have allowed music to obtain variety, depth, and be shared amongst people for thousands of years. Without notation, music would have no way to thrive and expand on what composers discovered and experimented with. We can see how western music developed throughout the musical notation of the eras. Starting in the Middle Ages, we can see the basics of Western music and where it all began. Western music entered a time known as the Dark Ages after the falling of the Roman Empire. This was a time where vandals and Huns ran Europe and led it to evil and destruction. During this time, many people restored their faith and relied on the grace of God to get them through this tough time. Music at this time had a religious background, and often was used to express their security in God. Eventually power was restored in the Kings through the approval of the Catholic Church and their emperor was Charlemagne. Charlemagne was a man who insisted on restoring education, and he is
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