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Intern: _Craig Crawford____ Date:_____9-15-2015_____ PR#___1____

Western New Mexico University’s School of Social Work
MSW Program Process Recording

I. Client Pseudonym _Les Brown________________________________

II. Basic Demographics (age, gender, socio demographic status, etc): This section should include much detail about every client/participant in the interaction,

Les brown is an 25 year old Caucasian man who is originally from Waco, Texas. Les is 179 lbs and about 5’11, he claims that he use to be muscular but it all went to fat when he was incarcerated and did have time to workout. Les has just been released from prison to a halfway house in the Central Texas area called DARTEN. Les comes from a low economic class and does not ant to be in the halfway house. He said he rather be in jail. As part of his assigned task, Les has come to see me in order to receive a stamp on his packet to verify that he spoke with the mental heath department. He does have family, but he will not disclose any information about them, because he is afraid we will contact them.

III. Purpose of Interview or Meeting and Participants:
The purpose of this meeting to just find out if the clients have a plan, if they are adjusting well and to allow the clients to just get some things off their mind. That’s all that we can do because we are not a counseling center for the DARTEN population. I have about thirty minutes with them and I will probably never see them again, because we do not

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