Western Powers And Human Rights

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Human rights have been described as a 'gift of the West to the rest. ' Discuss with reference to the politics of multiculturalism.

The oxford dictionary describes human rights as “a right which is believed to belong to every person” (Oxford Dictionary, 2016). Until the late 1940s, human rights were simply an ideal or concept, but the newly formed United Nations declaration of human rights clearly set out in statute a human beings rights. The late 1940s was a time of political turbulence, with Western powers wielding huge amounts of control in organisations such as the United Nations. In this essay I will argue that although Western powers may have attempted to deliver human rights to the wider world, they have for the most part failed. Instead, most notably America and Britain have been involved in endless human rights violations. The United Nations doctrine set out in 1948 has failed to convince countries with strict religious doctrine to embrace human rights for all individuals. Even the European Court of human rights has been accused of making decisions which many view as stripping religious minorities of certain human rights. The West may have attempted to create a global community who cherishes human rights, however this cannot occur until Western powers themselves honour human rights. They must also attempt to understand that certain non-Western countries with differing religious and political beliefs do not share the Western notion of ‘human rights’ so vehemently
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