Western States Optical Corporation

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KIEI 926 – PE/VC and Human Elements Final Exam Western States Optical Corporation Part I – Case analysis Based on the information given in the case, I would like to take below actions: 1) Hire Barry Fielding as the new CEO for Western States Optical Corporation (WSO); 2) Hire Barry’s wife, Betty Fielding, as the director of Marketing and Merchandising for WSO; 3) Leverage Meredith McDougall as CFO to keep an eye on the Fielding couple; 4) Remind Ron Weiner not to interfere new CEO’s business decisions too much in the future; 5) Kick Byron Buntz out of board and invite another third-party industry expert to sit on board to balance different perspectives. I will explain my reasons for the decision in detail in the following…show more content…
According to Barry’s claim, Betty should work very well together with Barry and should be the best merchandiser in the industry Meredith McDougall Current CFO of WSO; strong accounting background but little retail experience 1. Currently CFO of WSO to replace the Ex-CFO who was released due to extramarital affair 2. Very strong background in accounting but limited knowledge in retail business 3. Worked well with Weiner, potential affairs between them two Dave Perkins Ex-CEO of WSO 1. Previously recruited by Ron Weiner as CEO of WSO and had $200,000 personal investment in this deal; a seat on WSO’s board 2. Optical retail veteran with 19-year experience 3. Personal share in WSO had been bought back by Ron Weiner after Dave’s resign at cost Ex-CFO Ex-CFO of WSO 1. Was released after failing to end an extramarital affair with another employee and replaced by Meredith Bill Sutter MD of Mesirow Capital, the firm invested in WSO 1. Managing director of Mesirow Capital Parnters 2. Invested $1.5 million in WSO deal (partner with Weiner) and had a board seat Byron Buntz Weiner’s longtime attorney and friend; WSO’s corporate counsel 1. Weiner’s longtime attorney and friend 2. Acting as WSO’s corporate counsel, and also had a seat on WSO’s board Table above summarizes the basic human relationships in WSO deal and some key highlights. To help to make the right decision, we should also look into major milestones and
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