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Rakalah R. Ravariere


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Imagine this, you’ve just had another visit to your Doctor and been told yet again that your condition hasn’t improved and may even be getting worse. There is nothing they can recommend for you. You’ve had all the tests, they’ve diagnosed your condition, but the only thing they can offer you is a drug that may help relieve your symptoms. And possibly only for the short term at that. Having family in Dominica I always hear how I should drink different varieties of bush tea in order to cure sicknesses. Majority of the islands and other countries use traditional Chinese medicines in order to cure sicknesses like the common cold the flu and other things. And I they need a major
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•Western Medicine focuses on dealing with the symptoms of the disease in many cases and treatment suppresses these, rather than curing the problem. This can lead to a lifetime need for drug therapy.

•A one size fits all approach – if you are diagnosed with a particular condition you will be prescribed a particular type of Drug e.g. if you have raised cholesterol you will probably be given a stronger. Dosing and regimen is standardized – this is ok for the majority of patients. But you may fall outside the norm and therefore the treatment doesn’t work as well for you or you have tolerability problems.

•Treatment with conventional medicine in many countries is very expensive and without access to health insurance can be out of the reach of many. Even in countries where there is free access to health care, certain Drugs or treatments may not be available, due to the local health care services being unable to pay for them.

•The modern focus on disease and the time and other pressures many physicians are under means that sometimes the patient can feel like they are on a treatment treadmill and not being listened to.

Alternative Medicine – The Pros

•Most alternative medicine practices work to restore balance to the body. This allows the body to heal itself. This holistic approach can often impact positively on other aspects of the patient’s life.

•Alternative Medicine and Alternative
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