Western Vs. Western Therapeutic Culture

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The United States of America is a country that is based off of the exploitation and destruction of those who are unequipped to fight back. Although as a culture diversity and freedom are celebrated and a staple of what makes America ‘the greatest country in the world,’ our society is, and always has been, in a constant battle of inequality and injustice. With uncertainty and the struggles of everyday life, American search for coping mechanisms. The introduction of eastern religion served exactly that purpose and lead to the boom of the western therapeutic culture starting in the 1950s with the emergence of humanistic psychology. Today, meditation, mindfulness, and yoga have detached themselves away from their original purpose in eastern…show more content…
The American version of mindfulness then, had completely detached from its original purpose. The inescapable focus on the self as a resulting of the psychologization of spirituality and meditation then, according to Carrette and King, is then the course of Americans “sense of social isolation and disconnection” (58). I believe American mindfulness then, is the poor attempt to cure the problem it created. Rather than fixing the problem itself, mindfulness is a putting a band aid on a much larger social issue that is unknown to the majority of American citizens as it is engrained in our minds to focus solely on ourselves and that ‘life is difficult’ no matter what. Psychology is supposed to be based off of science. By establishing mindfulness and other practices like meditation and yoga as psychological practices, it then serves as a treatment for the amount of stress and lack of joy and productivity Americans find in their lives. As highlighted in Mindful America by Jeff Wilson mindfulness practices are now incorporated into medical clinics across America and are scientifically proven to aid it therapy and help heal and cope with illness. Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), a psychological practice based off the Buddhist religion with the intent to reduce
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