Westfield Group : Organisation Analysis Report

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WESTFIELD GROUP - Organisation Analysis Report Executive summary
This organization analysis report provides an analysis of diversity and multiple sources of an Australian firm named Westfield. The core business of the Westfield shopping centre is mainly selling in fashion stuffs and accessories of the luxury brand retail monopoly. In addition, Westfield also included department stores business appliances, beauty shops, Woolworth’s supermarket, restaurants and many other items. Methods of analysis included work force, recruitment practices,

Table of Contents

Executive summary 1
Table of Contents 2
1. Introduction 2
2. Analysing 3
2.1 Work force 3
2.2 Recruitment practices 3
2.3 Leadership and development programs 4
2.4 Pay equality and flexible work practices 5
2.5 Senior Leadership education 6
3. Multiple sources of diversity 6
3.1 Diversity Manager effective 6
3.2 Religion 7
3.3 Sexual orientation 8
4. Recommendation to raise awareness to the diversity poclicy 8
4.1 Measurable objective 8
4.2 Reinforce employee competencies 9
4.3 Evaluate effectiveness and Role of the Board 10
5. References list 10
6. Appendix 11

1. Introduction
Westfield 's workforce has become increasingly diverse in recent years. They direct use of more than 4,200 employees globally across shopping malls, construction sites and corporate offices from different generations; gender, nationality and culture often work together in the same organization. Over ten years ago the Westfield recognizes

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