Westjet Airline Operates A Standard Of 420 Flights

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WestJet Airline is a Canadian economical airline that is publicly traded on the Stock Exchange of Toronto. Established in 1996, WestJet is presently the second largest Canadian Carrier. The airline operates in about 70 cities located in Mexico, North America, and the Caribbean. Further, WestJet employs more than 8000 employees. The head office of the airline is in Calgary. Munro and Khan (2013) claim that WestJet Airline operates a standard of 420 flights and manages to carry 40000 passengers on a daily basis. WestJet’s operating model replicates the Southwest Airline model that has an exclusive fleet of Boeing 737s. In 2010, WestJet (2013) mentions that the company’s fleet comprised on 91 aircraft.
Munro and Khan (2013)
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It is entering into strategic partnerships with carriers in major cities across the globe. These partnerships offers the airline more destinations as well as a reduction of its operating costs by taking advantage of recognized economies of scale and sharing similar resources like airports and routes (WestJet, 2013).
Taking advantage of increased development and technological improvement that have occurred in the airline industry, Munro and Khan (2013) mentions that WestJet has become extremely competitive global player. It is also part of the company’s current strategy to differentiate itself from its competitors through relatively higher customer service and affordable tickets. Lamb (2011) indicates that to achieve high customer service, the company offers extensive benefits to its employees, maintains a high corporate culture, and motivates its employees to achieve enhanced customer services. With regard to its value proposition, the airline has a fleet size of 97 and total assets that are valued at 3,473,678,000 Canadian dollars.

Key Strategic Issues, Challenges or Decisions that the Organization Needs to Make.
Truxal (2013) mentions that the increasing fuel prices are affecting cost containment for WestJet Airline. In the light of this, the airline’s bottom line can be affected potentially by the prevailing economic conditions of surging fuel prices. Consistent with other airline companies, fuel

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