Westjet Airline: Strategy And Competitive Strategy

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Strategic Profile

What is our current competitive strategy (from Porter’s four strategies)? Please provide support and examples for your determination.

WestJet Airline’s initial launching was reciprocal and tailored to providing low cost airfares to every traveller that flies onboard to more than 100 destinations across the world. As stated by Clive Beddoe, WestJet founder, is a big advocate of adopting the “Cost Leadership” competitive strategy based on his strong belief that “just because you pay less for your flight, doesn't mean you should get less” (“WestJet”, 2018)).

Hence, in order to guarantee the key success areas of this low-cost trend, WestJet has focused on cost generating advantages such as economies of sale, technological advances, and sustainable energy initiatives.
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Please explain and provide examples. (power, role, achievement, support)

WestJet culture deviates from enforcing the power, role culture to pilot the achievement and support culture due to various reasons. To begin with, WestJet is keen to safeguard its employees (input) via influencing its team performance, goal achievement of organizational goals (output). Leaders with this mindset are confident that in order for employees to thrive, they have followed the trajectory tactic in articulating a clear vision and aligning it with the company’s organizational goals as well as being intermittent with performance management and innovation.

Providing employees with the right tools to succeed was only possible through the leadership’s team relentless efforts to build trust, mutual respect, diversity and inclusion, that are embedded in its ideal culture. Shifting the paradigm to valuing the significance and importance of employees has contributed to the enormous and big gains in providing an impeccable customer service experience to all travellers, raising the bar high enough to boost customers’

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