Westjet: Building Culture Solutions

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Solutions to Case Study

Ans1: The competitive advantages that West Jet has are:

➢ Unique Corporate Culture: The main competitive advantage that WestJet had was their unique culture. Even the executives and pilots help the customer whenever necessary; encourage employees to share suggestions for improvement. They maintained the policy of Care for People.

➢ Low operating cost: They have low prices to attract more customers, who would otherwise take train or bus.

➢ No union environment: Unlike others air lines, West Jet don’t believe in any unions, and spending money on it but have Pro Active Communication Team (PACT). In case of issues West Jetters are expected to take the initial and resolve the issue on their own.
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Engagement is a sign of satisfaction and loyalty to the firm which can be incurred by increasing job resources

➢ That come from the firm like pay, job security and career opportunity

➢ Interpersonal and social relations like team leader and co-worker support

➢ The organization of work like role clarity and participation in decision making

➢ Task itself like autonomy, task significance and performance feedback

There might come situations like interpersonal conflict, work-family conflict, job – security, sexual harassment which may reduce which reduce work engagement under which a firm must adopt much programs and policies like job redesign, Family-friendly human resource policies, stress management programs, work-life balance programs which helps in building work engagement.

The culture of ownership is great strategy to motivate employees because the owners try harder than employees, both to improve the customer satisfaction and to save costs. This can be done in 2 ways

a) Profit Sharing: return of some company’s profit to employees in the form of cash bonus or retirement supplement.

b) ESOP’s: Incentives that allow the employees to buy the share of the firm they are working at lower rates which creates the sense of ownership.

Ans 4: The only way to solve the pilot issue is through Integrative Negotiation. Both parties should meet and reach to

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