Westjet Corporate Culture Essay

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WestJet Airline (WestJet) is one of the five most successful international airlines in the world with the high performance and the market share. The reason behind the success is the unique and powerful organizational culture. Employees, as the representative of an organization, is also part of the product which helps to constitute the image or the brand of the organization (Kusluvan, Kusluvan, Ilhan, & Buyruk, 2010, p172). As a matter of fact, how to manage employees is the key point to operational success and the management of employees various among organizations which formed the specific culture. This paper will discuss the organizational culture as well as the effective HR practice at WestJet in order to find out the connections
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Based on the core values of West Jet, such as positive and passionate, fun, friendly and caring, the organization wants to create a culture for a group of enthusiastic, innovative and caring employees whom will be recognized and reward for their work. For example, the informal meetings with staffs every two weeks for communication and the personal distribute cupcakes to employees by the VPs shows how much the company appreciate the employees. Not to mention that WestJet organized a CARE team to plan events to propagate the organizational culture (Seijts & Mark, 2009, p6). In addition, WestJet creates an intelligent culture by using the “right” language to re-label responsibilities so that employees feel that they are willing to do their job rather than they have to do (Seijts and Mark, 2009, p6). What’s more, WestJet appreciative both employees and guests and they create a humor and fun working environment to reinforce employees’ sense of satisfaction and loyalty. WestJet believe that if they treat employees very well, employee would treat customers better and finally benefits profits. (Seijts & Mark, 2009, p2). In other words, WestJet creates a culture for a positive cycle among organization, employees and
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