Westjet Is A Calgary Based Discount Airline

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WestJet Airlines is a Calgary-based discount airline founded in 1996 by Clive Beddoe, Don Bell, Mark Hill and Tim Morgan. WestJet Airline began its business with only three aircrafts. The company is now “Canada’s leading high-value, low-fare airline.” WestJet established their company based on two main factors; low-cost structure and exceptional customer service. The airline’s founders believe that in order to be able to offer fares that are 50% lower than the average for industry you need to keep your operational costs low. The way that WestJet has managed to maintain its low costs was through an exceptional organizational culture which gives authority and acknowledges employees through the decision process. “It is the culture that…show more content…
There is not a necessity to hire supervisors because employees supervise themselves and work together towards achieving the company’s goals. WestJet’s culture it is the key that has helped earned their place as one of the most successful airlines, their culture led them to success. Based on the success of the company, WestJet came to a decision to expand its market. However, the extension of the market may put at risk the culture of the company due to the increase of performance and by exceeding goals of customer satisfaction. This is the foremost problem that WestJet might face. In view of the fact that culture is what made the company successful, with it being misplaced, it would be difficult for WestJet to accomplish their purpose – customer satisfaction. The involvement culture of WestJet helped it in achieving high employee performance, increasing revenue, and escalating customer service satisfaction. WestJet’s culture is based on trust and respect among all. If anything interferes the structure of which the company’s was first developed it will in fact result in tragic failure. Every role in a company is essential for the stability and the overall performance of the company. Perhaps, in order to understand how the culture of the WestJet can be affected is by having a better understanding on WestJet’s culture. One of the highlights of the culture of the company is its strengths. The culture is very democratic and employees feel valued. The CEO has
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