Westjet Is An Entry Of Europe As A First Experiment

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WestJet is planning to make an entry in Europe as a first experiment. Experts say, if the Canadian carrier continues to open up new routes that challenge air Canada’s slice of the international market, not only from Air Canada when they enter in to long routes they have to face new more competitors like Air Transat . Ben Cherniavsky analyst at Raymond James said in a note to clients that “what we believe WestJet is trying to do in London is the same thing that it has done since its inception in all other markets that it has entered” that means lower fares stimulated demand at the expense of Air Canada. Experts says entering in to international market will be a mile stone for WestJet which is considered as a mature marketing. All these make an impression that WestJet is going to win this game by taking customers away from Air Canada, which it will do with the price cutting weapon. WestJet has some kind of tips for cost cutting such as using one type of plane while Air Canada is struggling with labor union problems. WestJet is running its operation smoothly without creating union as WestJet keeps their staff happy which is really appreciative (Sturgeon, 2015). Current Market Situation Current market Situation is not that positive as early, because the crude oil price going down day by day in the global market. Another important fact is the growth rate of Chinese market is not that high as expected. It is very slow compare to the early situation. Economic analysts say that
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